Out Of Town Patients

Traveling Patients

If you are Traveling from outside of the RGV area, you can take advantage of many options to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We have many patients come to our practice due to our cash pay specials. If this is something you are considering, please Contact Us at (956) 631-8155 for more information on how we can help you in planning your trip.

Out of Town Patients

  • Pay enrollment fee $300 (good for one year): for obtaining and reviewing documents, samples, info
  • Schedule medical evaluation in your home town with PCP or internist
  • Will send list of blood work and tests needed
  • Schedule psychology evaluation in preparation for weight loss surgery (can be done over the phone). Will send contact info.
  • Dietary evaluation/education for weight loss surgery (evaluation is done over the phone, from home). Will send info.
  • Send reports of medical, psychology and dietary evaluations and test results tour office
  • Will review documents. Will send Pre-op and Post-op diet instructions.
  • 2 weeks meal replacement diet before surgery is mandatory
  • Dr del Pino reviews all the information and then he contacts you to discuss plan and recommendation.
  • Once plan is agreed you pay for surgery at least one week before date
  • Cash prices will be provided upon request.
  • Credit card 3% additional fee
  • Care credit 13.5 % fees
  • Hospital registration one day before surgery in the morning.
  • Meet Dr. del Pino one day before surgery. Write down questions
  • Surgery day. Most patients stay one night. You are covered for second night stay
  • Recommend follow up in office is one week after surgery
  • Return home after follow-up visit (most people fly or drive back 2-3 days after surgery)
  • Revisional surgery or reoperation. If you had a previous weight loss surgery operation, and you are interested in revisional surgery:
    •  First step is to obtain the operative report of the original operation
    • Need recent upper endoscopy test report (last twelve months)
    • Doctor will review those two reports after you pay enrollment fee. We need his approval to proceed with further testing and evaluations. No exceptions.
Other Details
    · In the US you must have a medical evaluation before surgery. This must state that you are clear to have this operation. This clearance         can be done by a family doctor, internist or cardiologist. It is best to have this done in the place you live and it can not be more than        90 days old on the the day of surgery. The lab work and tests that your doctor must order include: CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, Thyroid          Panel, PT/PTT, Albumin level, Chest X-ray and Electrocardiogram
    · You have to stop all blood thinners at least five days before surgery
    · If you are a female, a pregnancy test will be done the day of surgery. The test must must be negative, otherwise, your surgery will be         cancelled.
    · You must have a psychology or psychiatry evaluation before surgery. We can help you schedule this appointment. It can be done in         person, online or via phone. If you already see a psychiatrist or a psychologist, it is preferred to have this clearance done by this         practitioner
    · You must have a dietary evaluation before surgery. We can help you schedule this appointment. It can be done in person, online or  via phone. The dietician will provide diet and vitamin supplementation education related to the weight loss surgery you are planning to have.
    · Payment and clearances must be received in order for you to schedule your surgery
    · You can mail your cashier check payment
    · Surgery can be paid with cash, cashier check, or credit card.
    · 3% fee applies to all credit card transactions.  13.5% fee applies to Care Credit Transactions.
    · You will be on a meal replacement diet 7 to 14 days before your surgery
    · Surgery is scheduled once payment is received
    · $300 non-refundable fee for surgery cancellations
    · You must arrive two days before your surgery
    · You will have a preoperative anesthesia evaluation one day before surgery (included in surgery price)
    · You must register in the hospital in the am, one day before the surgery date
    · Cash and credit cards are accepted. These are the only payment options at this time we are NOT         accepting Personal or business checks
    · 3% fee applied to all credit card transactions
    · Finance with www.carecredit.com
    · Patient is responsible for Care Credit fees of 13.5%
  • Prices may vary.
Cash Prices
Pre-operative Evaluations
    · Mandatory in the United States
    · Include Medical, Psychology and Dietary evaluations
    · It is preferred for you to do this at home: your medical doctor may request additional evaluations or tests in order to clear you for         surgery.
    · Mandatory testing before surgery: CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, Thyroid Panel, Albumin level, PT/PTT, electrocardiogram and Chest X-ray
Clearance Package in McAllen: $500 
    · Not included in the surgery price
    · We will provide information on where to obtain these clearances
    · Includes Dietary, Psychology and Medical evaluations, lab work, electrocardiogram and Chest X-ray
    · You may need additional testing, lab work or medical evaluations, so it is best to have this done at home before coming to McAllen
Additional Charges
First visit with Doctor is $200